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"AT THE POND" (Sculpted Original/Prints)

$29.95 - $1,850.00
"AT THE POND" (Sculpted Original/Prints)

Have you watched turtles basking in the sun? Have you noticed how pleased they are to be warm? As I walked along the path, these dear little pond turtles caught my eye. They look so content basking in the heat of the sun with autumn approaching.
Sculpted bas-relief clay turtles, tree, log, and acrylic paint on recycled hand-painted wood panel. These delightful pond turtles arrives framed and ready to bring a smile everyday!

ORIGINAL: Sculpted clay and acrylic paint on recycled wood panel.

Dimensions: Appx 27.5 x 18.5 x1" (frame integral - ready to hang!l) $1850

Want more info on purchasing? Just click on: "Purchase Info" page. THIS PIECE QUALIFIES FOR NO-INTEREST INSTALLMENT SALE.

Standard-size prints arrive to you already matted and with a sturdy backboard. All you need is a frame and you're ready to go!

Select a size print:
(1)5" x 7" with mat and backboard (8" x 10")
(2) 8" x 10" with mat and backboard (11" x 14")
(3) Custom sizes available. Please contact me with the size and I'll get back to you ASAP with quote.

Due to various options of size/weight - shipping billed separately.