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$29.95 - $39.95

Beautiful and stately iris herald the wonders of Spring, inspired by a trip to an Iris Garden. These 5 unique irises are: Multi-colored Iris, Purplish Iris, Pink Iris, White Iris and Orange Iris. (If you are in OREGON, FIRST TIME ORIGINALS will be sold at ONE-DAY SALE. Sign up for details to follow.)

Whichever one(s) you select will bring a smile as thoughts of the beauty of Spring. Makes a unique for your home, office or as a gift.

From Pastel paintings. (Copyrights and titles are NOT on prints)

Standard-size prints include mat and backboard - all you need is a frame!

(1)5" x 7" with mat and backboard (8" x 10" - $29.95

(2) 8" x 10" with mat and backboard (11" x 14" -$39.95

(3) Custom sizes available. Please contact me with the size and I'll get back to you ASAP with quote.