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"Wintry Sunset" (Original & Prints)

$29.95 - $185.00
"Wintry Sunset" (Original & Prints)

Once more I had to go to my favorite muse - the 170 year old cherry tree in our park that I had previously sculpted and painted. I visit her everytime I go to the park, but I especially in winter when her magnificent "bones" are showing. She astounds me how she can look so different from each angle.

ORIGINAL:Acrylic Paint on Canvas cradle panel.
Dimensions: Appx: 9" x 12" x 1.25" Price: $185.00

You have your choice of standard sized prints listed below or custom sizes. Standard-size prints arrive to you already matted and with a sturdy backboard. All you need is a frame and you're ready to go!

Select a size print:
(1)5" x 7" with mat and backboard (8" x 10")

(2) 8" x 10" with mat and backboard (11" x 14")

(3) Custom size: Contact me for availability and price.

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